Distance and Intimacy: Two opposite sides of the same coin? Is "being together the only reality?" 

A collaborative effort involving 19 Art History post graduate students working together, Linda Tyler, one big idea and a selection of individually chosen artworks from the University of Auckland's Art Collection.

This show is a response to the feelings of loneliness and isolation prevalent throughout the first lockdown, as we were forced to stay home, and explores concepts of closeness and intimacy made particularly relevant in this COVID-19 world. 'Being Together is the Only Reality' is the result of 19 voices in conversation across space and time and ZOOM.

Join us to discover what the future cultural thought leaders, curators, writers and art historians of New Zealand think and feel about the world we find ourselves in.


  • Mon–Thu 8.30am–5pm,
  • Fri 8.30am–9pm.
  • Closed weekends.

To find out about guided curator talks, head to our Facebook event page, here


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Last updated: 30 September 2020