Presenting a collection of paintings, sculptures, and video installations, artist Elliot Collins invites you to enter the Keepers Cottage in Albert Park and contemplate language from different angles.

Curated by Jessica Agoston Cleary, co-founder and director of Artfull, Taranaki based artist Elliot Collins’ solo show has been gestating since the first lockdown in 2020, and each of the works you will discover once you step inside the historic Keepers Cottage have been years in the making. For Collins, an artist whose interdisciplinary contemporary art practice reaches backwards and forwards through time, presenting this new body of work at the Keepers Cottage is a way to explore the conceptual threads of history, memory and language that inform his work. Each room will have its own work. They will be connected but they will stand alone.

As you move through the rooms of the cottage you are encouraged to touch and interact with the artworks (when prompted). Just as Collins is collaborating with this palimpsestuous site in an attempt to reframe its story through this reflective body of work, you too are called on to collaborate with Collins. Collectively, you and Collins give weight to words. Take your time, and feel free to take away the words Collins offers.  

Check it out this October (see times below) as well as an artist talk on Saturday, October 1 at 11am. 

October 1 - 2 (Saturday and Sunday): 11am - 4pm
October 3: Closed
October 4 - 7: 11am - 4pm 
October 8: 11am - 4pm 

Curated by Artfull, presented as part of Art in the City.

Before weight of words
Walking weight of words
Memory weight of words
Albert Park Keepers Cottage

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Last updated: 06 September 2022