Canterbury Arcade

All of the artists featured in this group exhibition are from Wairoa in the Hawkes Bay. Collectively known as Te Kupenga-ā-toi, their aim is to create a support network for their artists. 

Named Undisputed Wairoa, the exhibition was successfully launched in their hometown. Its arrival in Canterbury Arcade marks the beginning of a three year journey for the group. Collectively, their artworks promote Wairoa and its many facets of creativity.

The group's name "Te Kupenga '' is adopted from the local saying, "Te Kupenga-a-Te Huki". It translates to "the setting of Te Huki's net". The proverb reflects on the diplomatic networking skills of our Kahungunu ancestor, Te Huki. He strategically married into three hapū across Hawke's Bay and then also married his children into prominent hapū within those areas.

This strategy not only formed and strengthened alliances but also built a mass network that reached across nearly four hundred kilometres. He was the "Social Network" mogul of his time.

Kindly brought to you by Adara, Wairoa Taiwhenua, Wairoa Cultural Arts and Auckland Council. Hosted at Manzana.

Getting there:
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Supported by Auckland Council and the city centre targeted rate.

Part of Art in the City.

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Last updated: 13 September 2022