It’s been a bit nippy out there lately, but you won’t find too many Aucklanders hiding out indoors. In fact, every Tuesday night, come rain or shine, Auckland springs to action with the ever-growing adidas Runners. adidas Runners is a free weekly fitness event that has gained a bit of a cult following. Once attended, it’s hard not to get hooked.

I can hear the hesitancies already. But I’m not a runner. But I don’t like the pressure. But I don’t like other people seeing me sweaty, puffy and out of breath. Fair enough. But allow me to demystify adidas Runners for you, because your fitness will thank you for it.

A typical adidas Runners event starts around 5.30pm on a Tuesday night outside adidas' Britomart store. It’s a time for you to socialise and find out that there just as many like-minded first-timers as there are veterans. Come 6pm, everyone is rounded up and introduced to their pace groups. There are several distances and paces to choose from, with each group headed up by friendly adidas Pacesetters (including yours truly). And no, a Pacesetter’s job is not to make you feel bad about your running ability. Quite the opposite, they are there to help you stay safe and sound, all the while throwing running tips and words of encouragement to anyone who will listen.

And then you’re off. It’s as simple as that, really. That’s the beauty of running – it’s effective in its simplicity and whips you into shape faster than you can say “cake”. adidas Runners events can be done as solo or as social as you want. If you don’t feel much like talking, then so be it. But if you do feel like banter, you can guarantee a friend in your Pacesetter or in a fellow runner.

If you’re new to Auckland, adidas Runners should be on your top pick of to-dos. On every route, you’re sure to find yourself running alongside some extraordinary Auckland scenery. Pacesetters are more than happy to point out what makes Auckland the vibrant, energetic city that it is. 

The red-faced, endorphin-flooded high fives at the end of every event is my favourite part of it all. Plus, did I mention that adidas Runners brings in guest speakers and food trucks (carrying deliciously healthy food) every four weeks? Like I said- once attended, it’s hard not to get hooked.

So there you have it. It’s not scary or intimidating. adidas Runners is all about the people, the progress and the fun. Also, nothing quite beats running through Auckland and its glittery Viaduct at night. But then again, I am rather biased.

Images courtesy of adidas New Zealand

Last updated: 21 June 2019