Planning on redecorating, or in need of some style inspiration for your home? We asked our friends at Resene about what the most fashionable homes will be wearing in the next couple of seasons.

Check out their top paint colour trends below: 


Not so many years ago, there were just a handful of paint colours to choose from. We were used to seeing life in just a few shades of colour, each quite distinctive.

As tinting technology has developed, we have been blessed with a growing rainbow of choice.  Our eyes have learnt to appreciate subtle nuances that we would once have simply glossed over. What once was off-white, may now be beige, greige, cream or chalk. Colours are deeper and complex, layered with subtle undertones. Dusky tones develop as multiple colourways and weathered undertones merge. As our knowledge of colour grows, so too does our confidence to use and experiment with the subtleties and power of colour.

Our top shades: Resene Balance, Resene Outpost, Resene Quarter Truffle, Resene Fifty Shades and Resene Fugitive.


Forget recycling, think rescuing and upcycling. Look at your old treasures through a new lens and see the endless possibilities. Today’s interiors are not about perfection. They're about seeking the handmade, seeing the beauty in uniqueness and that ‘flaws‘ can be memorable, beautiful and the ultimate definition of character. Take a walk down memory lane and feel the countless memories wrapped up in a single piece of furniture or accessory, the stories of times gone by.  We can bring the memories with us, reinvented for today and tomorrow.

Our top shades: Resene Dawn Chorus, Resene Dusted Blue and Resene Whirlwind.


Time to escape… indoors. Nature has always had a strong influence on choices, and never more so than now. With many addicted to technology and more time spent indoors, the great outdoors is coming in… in our surfaces, finishes, colours and accessorising. Clear finishes and natural wood stains protect against modern life and allow the natural beauty to be seen. Teamed with greens, blues and pops of colour that would be at home in a flower garden, nature provides a beautiful palette to choose from. We are also taking our indoor spaces outdoors with ‘outdoor rooms’ with all the luxury of the interior but protected from the harshness of Mother Nature; enjoying the great outdoors without being exposed.

Our top shades: Resene Fresh, Resene Good Life, Resene Left Field and Resene Vitality.

Tailor… it’s all about you

Yet with this choice sometimes comes a fear of getting it wrong and the temptation to repeat other colour schemes as a safe option. We look to others to see their choices to help narrow down our own. Every project is different – the light, the space, the combination of materials. Use the choices of others as inspiration for your own, not a rulebook: it’s your project, so choose your colours because they work for you. The latest fashion colours don’t mean you have to completely reinvent your entire home every year or two.  Think of them as fresh inspiration that add to your options.  Just as you might add a new jacket or shoes in the latest colours to complement your wardrobe, so too can you add a touch of new fashion colour as a feature to freshen up your home.

Our top shades: Resene Spanish White, Resene Black White and Resene Alabaster

We recommend popping in store to pick up the latest The Range 2018 fashion colours fan deck to get some inspiration. Enjoy your colour journey and take your time to choose colours you love - happy decorating. 

Last updated: 20 February 2018