The city is teeming with delicious lunch spots from a variety of price points. If you are looking for a meal under $20, $30 or $45, check out our recommendations below.  

Under $20


All Four Flavours of Tacos | $8 each | Fukuko | 43 Tyler St

Fukuko is the “rowdy little brother of Ebisu,'' reflected in its fun-loving and playful energy. Evident in the food selection, Fukuko isn’t afraid to mix cuisines and take risks. Next time you’re there, try their tacos, a rare fusion of Mexican and Japanese flavours. Each taco is $8, and the filings range from fish tempura, sticky pulled pork, and roast duck. 


BBQ Dishes | $15 and $17 | Bannsang | 47 High St

Bannsang is a Korean BBQ joint located on High St, known for their affordable and delicious Korean food. Their BBQ dishes are served with rice and other sides, so you will leave feeling satisfied and your wallet won’t be empty. With vegan and vegetarian options on hand, no one will be left out. 

Bonz Cajun Chicken

Lunch Menu | $12 | Bonz Cajun Kitchen | Elliot Stables 

Located inside the Elliot Stables dining precint, Bonz Cajun Kitchen is the perfect lunch spot to break up your busy working day. The lunch menu features great Louisiana classics, with gumbo, jambalaya, and a variety of chicken dishes. It’s not everyday you can find cajun cuisine, and Bonz Cajun Kitchen is the place to try. 

Lunas Express

Pho | $13 | Lunas Express | 30 Chancery St

Be transported to North Vietnam when trying the tasty food at Lunas Express. For just $13 you can get their Pho, choosing from a traditional beef, chicken, or vegan option. Lunas Express is a cosy spot where stellar service is a given.

Obar snack bar

Gimbap Dumplings and Chicken | $14.90 | Obar Snack Bar | Unit 114B/15 Chancery St

Newly opened Obar Snack has made a name for itself as a hub for cheap and flavoursome Korean street food. Try the Gimbap along with dumplings and chicken in amidst a fun and bustling atmosphere. 


French Toast | $17 | The Shelf | 50 High St

When you go to the The Shelf you get everything you need. Soak up the quaint and cosy atmosphere while sipping on an impeccably made coffee, and enjoying the beautifully presented french toast. Your sweet tooth cravings will be satisfied and your bank account won’t have to suffer for it. 

Hello Restaurant

Mains Menu | all under $20 | HELLO |  Shop 7, Snickel Lane, 23 Customs Street West

At Hello the entire mains menu is under $20 - an overwhelming and rare dining opportunity. Come in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and try out a range of tasty dishes. For breakfast, there is the Kiwi favourite eggs benedict. For lunch, perhaps a beetroot salad. For dinner, try a pizza or pasta. 

Under $30

The Rolling Fish tteokbokki dish

Tteokbokki | $26 | Rolling Fish | 39 Chancery St

Rolling Fish, located in Chancery Street, is an ideal location for a quick bite to eat. The Korean spot is popular for those looking for a takeaway meal or wanting to sit in. Take time out of your busy day and try the tasty tteokbokki, that comes with free steaming soup. 


Cauliflower dish | $27 | Chuffed | 43 High St

Chuffed is a hidden gem located off of High Street. It’s easy to forget about the bustling city when you enter Chuffed. The light and airy cafe serves some seriously delicious food and drink. For $27, order the cauliflower dish that features chard cauli, spiced hummus, smoked paprika oil and puffed quinoa to name a few. The dish can also be made into a vegetarian friendly plate with the option of no chicken. 

Meat lovers pizza

1 foot Carnivore Pizza | From $24 | Dr Rudi's Rooftop Brewing Co. | Level 2/204 Quay Street

When dining out, it can be difficult to narrow down your choice if you’ve got more than one person eating. When you choose the foot long pizza, you can share with the whole table whilst getting bang for your buck. Dr Rudi is a favourite outdoor lunch location for a number of Aucklanders. 

Under $45 

Pocha restaurant

Almond Chicken | $34 | Pocha | 50 Kitchener St

Pocha is a perfect destination for groups of family and friends alike, coming together over good food. Their famous Almond Chicken is voted for ‘Top 12 Auckland Best Fried Chicken’ on Metro Magazine and comes coated in cornflakes and sliced almonds, complete with a side salad and sweet chilli mayo dip. It has been Pocha’s signature dish since 2010 so be sure to order a plate to share with the table. 

Last updated: 15 January 2020