Gifts for the Kids

Whether you’re needing a gift for your own kids, a niece, nephew or friends, we’ve scouted out a few items that will help you start ticking presents off your shopping list.

H&M Clothing

The flagship H&M store is a recent addition to the city centre and with an incredible Kids section, we recommend heading there for the pick of the bunch of clothing, accessories and shoe options. From newborns to tweens, there’s something to suit every lad and lass.

In the Jungle Board Book, $26.90 | Smith & Caughey’s

For the little ones, check out this cheeky Jungle Board, filled to the brim with awesome creatures to learn about. Beautifully illustrated and crafted, you’re sure to enjoy it too.

Kids Kawa Slide, $35 | Platypus

Slide into summer with the Nike Kawa Slide for your youngster’s feet. Perfect for after summer sports games, heading to the beach or for playing at the park. Available in either arctic pink or classic black.

The Fire Stallion $25 Hardback | Little Unity

Pop down to Little Unity, the bookstore for little people. Recently opened, the store has a huge range of children’s books to browse, and the helpful staff can give you a hand to pick something out depending on your little recipient’s interests. The new Stacy Gregg book, The Fire Stallion, is bound to be a hit with your kids 8 years+.

Dog/Cat Pencil Case, $24.90 | Kikki K

There’s sure to be an animal lover that you need to shop for, and these pencil cases will fit the bill (or pencils). There’s the option of a cat or a dog design, and you could even slip in some matching cat and dog pens. It’s so cool you might even want one for yourself.

Native Trees Bush Walk Pop & Slot, $23 for a pack of 4 | The Vault

A neat little set to take away on the summer holidays for some fun, educational and interactive entertainment. The double-sided card is covered in beautifully detailed illustrations featuring 4 native trees, 3 hikers and 5 native birds.

Lollies, from $3.80 a packet | The London Lolly Shop

The magical British pick n mix is just on your doorstep. Create your own collection of toffee bon bons, sherbet lemons, multicoloured gobstoppers, fizzy sours, the list could go on forever. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with some sweet treats.

Speedboat soap and shampoo, $12.90 each | Lush

Who said bathtime couldn’t be fun? The speedboat soap from Lush is handy for shampooing, scrubbing and shaping into the perfect explorer for maritime adventures. Handmade with lemon myrtle oils and a dash of rosewood, this will keep the youngsters entertained.

3-D Tuatara Puzzle, $18 | Auckland Art Gallery Gift Shop

A DIY cardboard model providing fun for the whole family. Display your kids’ handiwork on the mantelpiece afterwards, and if you like it, there are 3 other native New Zealand icons to make next. Sounds like you have the next three presents sorted!

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Last updated: 28 December 2018