Five Questions With Nic Watt

We have some fantastically interesting and​ talented individuals in our central city and we thought it was high time that someone asked them about their favourite parts. Auckland city has so much to offer, from world-class dining to non-stop nightlife, beautiful shopping precincts and more - we hope that this series will help you find some new hidden gems from our favourite city-dwellers! 

This time around we're talking to Nic Watt from Masu, a master of creating perfect and beautiful Japanese food - we picked his brain for a few minutes on what he loves about the central city. 

1. Favourite meal in the city?
I often pop into Cafe Hanoi and with winter coming the pho is the best in town...

2. Best free activity for the family? 
Silo Park, my kids love the playground and I can never get them off the kina styled merry-go-round. 

3. Favourite venue for live shows? 
Spark Arena, it's big enough to get international acts but is small enough to still feel like a gig. 

4. Where would you go for a pre-event drink? 
We recently saw Sam Smith at Spark Arena and popped into Cassia for wine on the way, Sid [Sahrawat] has an impressive collection! 

5. Where's your favourite place to stop in for a coffee and a snack? 
Best Ugly Bagels at City Works Depot - perfect to stop in for a coffee, an all time favourite bagel topping there would have to be the smoked fish. 


Last updated: 21 August 2020