Barkers High Street location is a multilayered experience. Here they offer a showroom for general shoppers with extra assistance if needed, a by-appointment offering in which a customer can discuss specific suiting needs, as well as their Barkers Groom Room, a full barbering and male grooming service available all day. We break down all the special components of each offering.



Presenting yourself in a positive manner in the workplace starts with your appearance. When someone sees you from a distance and they see that you’ve taken the time to carefully coordinate your hair and clothing in a practical way it positively jump starts the way in which they might approach a conversation. The team at Barkers we their best to offer a service in which a man can come in and prepare for whatever is on the horizon. 

Winter styling

Clothes on table

Winter is about deep muted tones and layering clothing in a way which allows you to adjust to the weather throughout the day. Accessories like lightweight scarves and gloves are a great way to prepare for an early morning commute. Denim is great in the winter as the material will keep you warmer than regular slacks. These are paired nicely with a sturdy Chelsea boot and a slimming overcoat.

Groom Room

man getting a hair cut

The Groom Room was born out of a realisation customers needed a place where they could get a haircut or male grooming treatment in the heart of the city, knowing they were in trusted, expert hands. Customers first tell the staff what they want from their experience and the team guides you through with their expert knowledge. For the barbershop connoisseurs interested in what the best barbershops have to offer, the Whiskey Sour might be the city’s best package deal available. For this, you’ll need to set aside an hour, to be treated to a full haircut and style, a complimentary drink, a hot towel, facial steam, cut throat shave and facial massage. 

Last updated: 26 June 2019