As we begin to wind down 2022 and look to busy months ahead, be sure to squeeze in some of these wonderful ways to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. 


Enjoy free coffee and chats at Huffer’s Well Bean Wednesday

At Huffer, they understand the value of connecting and chatting with others. So, every Wednesday morning, from 8am – 10.30am you’re invited to chat with friends, old and new, over a fresh brew.

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Practice daily movement 

Whether it’s in the form of a high intensity workout or a restorative yoga class, daily movement has huge benefits on your physical and mental wellbeing. A class at Hot Yoga Works will leave you with a wonderful meditative, de-stressed feeling, while a HIIT class at Just Workout will get your blood pumping and endorphins flowing. Whatever you’re looking for, the city centre’s gyms and fitness studios have you covered - get more inspiration here.  

Person receiving facial treatment

Treat yourself to a facial 

Not only does a facial benefit your skin, but it also gives time for you, so if you’ve been looking for a reason to book a facial, there's two! Ever heard of a yoga facial?  You can learn what it’s all about at The Facialist. Or book in for a 30-minute skin health check at Beauty Refinery and get to the bottom of your skin concerns. 

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Wind down with a book 

We’re all guilty of too much time on a device, whether we’re glued to a tv screen or mindlessly scrolling – it’s a hard habit to kick. A solution? Try reading. Proven to improve sleep quality and reduce stress, reading does wonders for your mental wellbeing. We guarantee you'll be inspired after a visit to Unity Books or Jason Books

Ginger Lemon Tea

Take time out and make a warm brew

Sometimes the 3pm slump calls for an extra cup of coffee or a sweet treat – we know the feeling. Next time it hits, try swapping it out for a vitamin-rich brew. Specialising in holistic wellness, Harker Herbals' range of tonics support all kinds of health concerns. A warming brew not only helps your physical wellbeing but is a great chance to take five minutes out from your afternoon work to sip mindfully. 

Shut the Front Door

Practice journalling 

Journalling is a powerful tool long recognized as an effective way to reduce stress, organise your thoughts, and focus your mind. Pick up a journal from Shut the Front Door and use it to map out your week, gratitudes, daydream or set goals! 

Last updated: 31 October 2022