We're in lockdown, where times are uncertain, so it's completely understandable if you find yourself staying in bed 'til mid morning, only rising to bake up a storm of sweet treats before settling back down on the couch following the 1pm update! But if you're looking to find some routine in your days and adopt some healthy habits to carry into life after lockdown, these businesses from the city centre are here to help! See our top picks for where to start today. 


Start the day by making a delicious smoothie or smoothie bowl 

Packed full of nutrients and healthy ingredients, making a smoothie (or smoothie bowl) is a great way to add routine to your morning and set yourself up with great energy levels for the day ahead. Struggling to know where to start? Check out Bowl and Arrow's blog which features some of their top at-home tips for what to include to make the best healthy combo that tastes delicious, and keeps you fuller for longer (helping you avoid those lockdown snacks!). See the tips here now

Hot Yoga

Move your body | Les Mills, Auckland Yoga Academy, Hot Yoga Works

Get an endorphin hit by moving your body this lockdown. Whether it's in the form of a high intensity workout or a restorative yoga class, exercise is a great way to ease stress and bring about a routine to your day. Les Mills have brought back their On Demand classes with TVNZ, streaming a different workout each day at 10am. Or grab a spot in Auckland Yoga Academy's or Hot Yoga Works' online classes that are suitable for both beginner and more advanced students, utilising simple props from around your home. With all the spare time that lockdown brings, it's a great time to try something new and see what you enjoy enough to carry over to when ''normal'' life resumes. 

Person receiving facial treatment

Take out a skinscription with The Facialist 

When it comes to improving our health and wellbeing, it's easy to focus primarily on exercise and diet, while in turn paying less attention to our body's biggest organ - our skin! Having a good skincare routine - and one that suits exactly what your skin needs is super important. We're loving the latest initiative that's come about in lockdown by The Facialist - their complimentary skin-script service. Feeling dehydrated? Want to amplify your regime? Or simply not sure which cleanser is right for you? Head to their website and fill out the consultation form, and one of their skin experts will be in touch with bespoke advice to start you on an improved skin care journey. 

Customers browsing books

Limit your screen time by swapping the phone for a book 

Since being in lockdown, have you checked your screen time stats? While its probably inevitable to be spending more time on our devices, it's good to be conscious of how much is too much. Stay entertained and keep your mind stimulated by swapping the device for a book instead. Check out some expert recommendations for reads this winter from the team at Unity Books here.  Although Unity Books' High Street store remains closed with contactless deliveries only able to commence from level 3, its sister store in Wellington can ship - so load your cart up!  

Ginger Lemon Tea

Swap the afternoon sweet treat for a vitamin-rich brew with Harker Herbals 

Looking ahead to 3pm for that afternoon pick me up? Try swapping a sweet, processed treat for a herbal one instead! A delicious hot ginger and lemon tea not only helps to boost your immune system but is a great chance to take five minutes out from your afternoon work load to mindfully sip on your warming brew before conquering the last part of your workday. Check out this recipe on Harker Herbal's Instagram feed here- as well as other great tips for healthy immune systems and other notes on keeping well. Plus, they're still shipping all your favourite products during level 4. 

Kikki k journal

Practice gratitude with a gratitude journal from Kikki K 

Negative vibes can understandably creep in to our days as we navigate this latest lockdown. But it's important to acknowledge the things that spark joy and smiles on our faces too, and what better way to do this than by jotting them down in a gratitude journal. Start, or end your day by refocusing on the multitude of positives in your everyday with this journal from Kikki K in Britomart (which is doing shipping during level 4 along with these stores from the precinct) and create a wonderful keepsake to reflect on long after the lockdown has ended. The journal also features fun exercises, prompts and inspiring quotes to help you express what you are grateful for every day.


Master the art of mindfulness with audio books from Central City Library

Find yourself always looking ahead, fixated on things that have or haven't happened in the past or future? If you've always wanted to ty to be more ''in the now'', why not give the art of mindfulness a go. If you're unsure where to start, check out the great range of audio books to borrow from Central City Library online. Keep calm and listen up, and you'll soon be equipped with skills for practicing mindfulness on the daily. See the collection of audio books here

Last updated: 30 August 2021