Scroll through our roundup of the best stocking fillers and cheap and cheerful gifts you can find around the heart of the city. From socks to air fresheners, hats to crayons, get something unique without breaking the bank. 

LE CREUSET Espresso Mug | $23 | Smith & Caughey’s | 253-261 Queen St

These charming petite mugs are the perfect size to enjoy a deliciously smooth espresso. Available in nine bright and vibrant shades these mugs will inject some colour and fun into your kitchen.

Holiday: Raspberry & Hibiscus Car Diffuser | $22.44 | Ecoya | Commercial Bay

Embrace the festive spirit with this sparkling, sweet, and opulent fragrance that bursts with the richness of seasonal berries, entwined in a delightful bouquet of hibiscus and wild jasmine. Transform your car into a fragrant haven that accompanies you on every journey.

Secret Santa Bath Bomb | $27 | LUSH | 189 Queen St

The sweet peppermint bubbles of Candy Cane and the multicoloured bath art display of Magical Santa bath bomb are perfect for a pamper while you wonder about the identity of your Secret Santa!


Sweet Bean Frozen Time Dessert Box Series Blind Box | $23 | Pop Mart | 109 Queen St 

Shop Pop Mart's endless collection of their best selling figures. Unveil the magic as you open each box to reveal a carefully curated selection of figures from your favorite themes. From adorable characters to intricately designed collectibles, the joy is in the surprise.


Hipstory Coaster - Marilyn Monroe 8 pack | $30 | Shut The Front Door | 23 High Street

What a fun gift... is a wooden coaster featuring a portrait of Marilyn Monroe as a hipster! Designed by Amit Shimoni, head to Shut The Front Door for other characters and collect a set!

Access Five Panel Cap | $28 | AS Colour | 48 High Street 

A good simple hat is ideal for the summer months and there is a hat to suit everyone at AS Colour! 

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Last updated: 31 December 2023