With the cooler weather setting in and winter fast approaching, it’s always nice to have a little something that brings you happiness. We’ve rounded up a range of items from some of our favourite city centre stores to help keep you feeling warm and cosy this winter.



Formatics Mini Vase, $44 | Auckland Art Gallery Store

In the winter months it’s nice to add some colour to your living space with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. This handcrafted terracotta vase is perfect to pop your flowers in or to use as a decorative statement piece in your home. Exclusive to the Art Gallery store since the Francis Hodgkins: European Journeys exhibit, these vases are inspired by vessels that are present in the paintings on display.


Signature Cast Iron Oval Casserole Dish, $429 | Le Creuest

Comfort foods like casseroles, roasts, and other hot dishes frequent dinner tables often during winter so we think Le Creuest’s new cast iron casserole dish will be a top addition to your kitchen. The new Signature is the perfect all rounder and comes in a range of colours to suit all kitchen aesthetics (a new oven glove from Design by Leonard will be the perfect match to this dish!).


Brass Oil Burner, $215 | Aesop

Bring a sense of calm and peace to your home with Aesop’s essential oil burner. Made of solid brass, this piece is stunning in its design and was created specifically for Aesop by Studio Henry Wilson. Pair with one of Aesop’s oil blends, we recommend the Catherine oil burner blend – a refreshing, complex blend of warm notes and soothing citrus to ease weary minds.


Bliss Mohair Blend Herringbone Pink Throw, $129.90 | Flo & Frankie

This throw from Flo & Frankie is so cosy you’ll never want to leave the house. The beautiful, soft, warm pink colour brings comfort just looking at it and is even better when wrapped around you while watching a movie.


Hibiscus Coconut Benzoin Mineral Soak, $20 | Iko Iko

Use this mineral bath soak to warm up and relax on a cold winters night. This handcrafted soak using nutritive minerals and hydrating hibiscus will ease stress, improve circulation and lightly moisturize the skin.


Patty Floral Cushion, $189 | Shut The Front Door

Cool weather and rainy days means plenty of time on the couch watching movies, so the addition of a new cushion would be a great fit this winter.. The floral design on the front of the cushion makes for a beautiful decorative pillow, while the back featuring a velvet finish is perfect for cuddling up to.


Papa Red Hand Cosies, $39 | Pauanesia

Keep your hands warm with Paunesia’s merino wool and possum fibre hand cosies. The papa red hand cosies cover just up to the midway point of your fingers and thumb, leaving your fingers free to use for everyday activities. Wear as an accessory with your favourite winter coat, or slip them on to wear around the house.


Oven Glove - Scandi Kiwi, $11.99 | Design By Leonard

Home baking can brighten up any cold and miserable day so gear yourself up with a new oven glove to last through the winter. Adding a hint of kiwiana and colour to your home, this oven glove will be your new best friend in the kitchen.


North Cape Poncho, $179.90 | Great Kiwi Yarns & The Country Collection

Providing ultimate comfort and maximum freedom the new range North Cape poncho is the ideal garment to keep us cosy this winter. Coming in oyster grey or poppy red, this merino wool and possum fur warmer can be worn in multiple ways, from a cape to a knee rug or even a scarf.



Fiji Gianduja Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Mix, $15.50 | Miann

Warm up with a delicious hot chocolate mix from the chocolatiers of Miann chocolate factory. Our favourite is the hazelnut hot chocolate mix - a rich deep chocolate and hazelnut mix perfect for a cold evening and a great addition to smoothies or milkshakes.

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Last updated: 25 May 2020