Summer is the season for fresh produce, light yet delicious meals and cold or frozen treats - making summer bowls the perfect option for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whether your preference lies on the sweet or the savoury side of the fence, there is a summer bowl ready and waiting to be enjoyed!


Acai Bowl | Misters | G/12 Wyndham Street

There is nothing more satisfying on a hot summer’s day than an Acai Bowl from Misters. The smoothie base on its own is enough to leave a glow but it is the topping that produces the sparkle. From granola to fresh fruit, Coyo coconut yoghurt to freeze-dried berries, every mouthful will resemble a bit of heaven.

Shaka Bowl

Tofu Poke Bowl | Shaka Bowl | 5 High Street

Summer bowls can be savoury too! Located on High Street, Shaka Bowl is an absolute must-try, the Tofu Poke Bowl in particular catering across the board to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Think tofu, edamame, cucumber, all things fresh, this poke bowl (pronounced poh - kay) is a terrific lunch option to be shared or devoured alone.

The Raw Kitchen

Smoothie Bowl | The Raw Kitchen | 90 Wellesley Street West

It is easy to get carried away at Christmas, a season defined by its excess and extravagance. Maintaining some form of grounding during these busy months is a must and what better way to nourish your body and brain than with an Earth Bowl from The Raw Kitchen. This delicious smoothie bowl combines wellness with decadence, featuring cacao nibs, coconut and fresh banana.


Mediterranean Bowl | Toss | 1/143 Wellesley Street West

Comforting and nutritious, the Mediterranean Bowl ticks all of the boxes. Toss has taken the finest, locally sourced ingredients and put them together in a bowl, and the result? An explosion of flavour that will not only satisfy but fill a hole. Made up of warm grains, roasted chicken, tomato, roasted chickpeas, hummus, radish, baby spinach, pumpkin seeds, and a drizzling of tahini yoghurt dressing, what’s not to love?

Goodlife Superfood Co

Berry Pitaya (dragonfruit) Bowl | Goodlife Super Food Co. | 47 Fort Street

Want to broaden your fruit horizon this summer? Try the Berry Pitaya bowl at Goodlife Super Food Co and be dazzled by its vibrant appearance and taste. Made with cashew milk and organic pitaya, this lush smoothie bowl will undoubtedly be returned to again (and again).

Ika Bowl

Koko Loko | Ika Bowl | 22 Jellicoe Street

With a name like Koko Loko this bowl speaks for itself! Ika Bowl puts a contemporary spin on traditional Polynesian cuisine, merging flavours and textures to achieve a perfect balance. With tuna, cucumber, sweet red onion, shallots, seasonal fruits, coco citrus sauce, and toasted coconut flakes, the Koko Loko is a definite crowd-pleaser.

Food Truck Garage

Burrito Bowl | Food Truck Garage | City Works Depot, 1/90 Wellesley Street West

On the menu at Auckland’s favourite Food Truck Garage is the Burrito Bowl, a fresh and funky take on the classic burrito. In this bowl are the typical fillings as well as additional ingredients and flavours to make you go wow! With the choice of achiote chicken, chipotle prawns, or nut mince as your protein, this bowl is suited to both meat and plant lovers.

Last updated: 19 January 2021