As the cool weather sets in we’re constantly searching for a meal that will reinvigorate our attitude to the dreary weather. The city is a melting pot for fantastic flavours and discovering them is made easy thanks to our list of Auckland city centre's best cold weather comfort food. Whether juicy dumplings, mouthwatering lamb shanks or a blue cheese gnudi, finding what your heart desires this winter won’t be too difficult.


Ramen Cup, $14-20 | Hello Beasty, 95-97 Customs Street West

Cold weather always calls for noodles and Hello Beasty will have you slurping loudly and proudly come lunchtime. Their ramen cup is the perfect brothy delight, with juicy char siu pork, pork + prawn dumplings and a chicken broth to warm you from the inside. Lunch is sorted.


Blue cheese gnudi, $30 | Ortolana, 33 Tyler Street

Ortolana is one of the most stunning spots in the city. The gorgeous industrial windows provide the perfect place to let in the winter sun, or to watch the rain pour. The food is just as impressive, and the blue cheese gnudi is sure to be a star. For those less familiar, gnudi is a gnocchi like dumpling, only made from cheese not potato. The result, a melty blue cheese ball of goodness, lathered in truffle oil and mushrooms. 

Sumthin-Dumplin-Three-Spice (4) - cropped.jpg

Three spice prawn dumplings, $12-17 | Sumthin Dumplin, 18-26 Wellesley Street East

Sumthin Dumplin’s offering is simple: uncomplicated and authentic dumplings. Juicy, piping hot, and crispy on the bottom, dumplings were made for cold weather. Take things up a notch with their Three spice prawn dumplings for that extra kick to help fight off the cold.


Vegan cheese toastie, $ | Pink Neon Sign, 35 High Street

Pink Neon Sign is new to the scene but has wasted no time in leaving an impression. A plant based cafe with a stunning interior of pastel pink and minimal design, it’s the trendiest place to escape the weather this winter. The Vegan cheese toastie is a must-have. Vegan cheese melted perfectly between two thick slices of toasted bread and topped with sauerkraut and pickles, it’s the perfect lunch treat.


Pie of the Day, $15.50 | Scarecrow, 33 Victoria Street East

You’d be hard pressed to find a lunch item more Kiwi than a pie. While you will find them almost anywhere, you won’t find one like the Pie of the day from Scarecrow. With options like chicken and porcini, beef and mushroom in red wine and Moroccan Lamb, Scarecrow has elevated this Kiwi classic to new heights. Served with a garden salad, you won't be returning to the service station for lunch anytime soon. 


Lamb shanks, $39 | Tony’s Lord Nelson, 37 Victoria Street West

Tony’s Lord Nelson restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Auckland city. Established over 40 years ago, they have become a staple of the restaurant scene through quality and delicious food. Their juicy lamb shanks are the perfect comfort food for when the weather gets cold. Served on smoked cheddar mash with a red wine jus, it’ll keep you cosy this cold season. 


Baba & Mama Pho, $8.50-$13 | Hello Mister, The Viaduct and Victoria Park 

Hello Mister is the go-to destination for lovers of classic Vientamense cuisine in the city centre. The Baba and Mama Pho is a rare beef rice noodle soup made from light beef stock broth, sirloin steak sliced thinly and with a garnish of chili and coriander. Perfect for any time of the day.

Last updated: 10 June 2021