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Outdoor Pilates Classes in Victoria Park
Pilates in the Park - Victoria Park

Enjoy the summer sun and get fit with outdoor pilates classes in Victoria Park brought to you by MatWorks.

Pilates is amazing for the body as it's gentle but very effective exercises create positive changes in the body through strength, conditioning and flexibility.

Other reasons to do Pilates are:
1. Anyone can do it, whether you are injured or an athlete the class can be tailored to you.
2. It's the thinking person's exercise, founded on physiotherapy knowledge so you will learn how your body works, and how to use it better.
3. It's a low impact exercise so you can do 6 classes per week, and grow your strength sustainably.
4. You'll be taught how to have better posture, and find that for yourself throughout your every day.
5. The core is a huge focus and how to make the core strong to support your body all of the time, not just in your Pilates class.

What do you need?

  • Your own mat! But if you don’t have one you can hire one and your instructor will bring it for you. 
  • Drink bottle.
  • Socks! Sticky ones if you have them.

Class timetable

Mondays 12.05 - 12.50pm
Wednesdays 12.05 - 12.50pm
Fridays 12.05 - 12.50pm

Note: MatWorks are closed on Public Holidays and the outdoor classes will run up until Easter Friday.


  • Everyone gets their first class free 
  • $15 casually
  • $25 for unlimited classes per week

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Last updated: 31 March 2018

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