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1. What department store in the city centre is the oldest? 

a). Farmers on Queen Street 
b). Smith & Caughey's
c). T Galleria by DFS
d). H & M 

2. What year did Marbecks Records open?

a). 1940
b). 1934
c). 1945 
d). 1936 

3. What is the latest retail store to have opened in the Britomart?

a). Alma La Vita
b). Wonder Journal
c). Maggie Marilyn
d). Playpark by Karen Walker  


4. Which cafe made the coveted Metro Top 50 Cafes list for 2021? 

a). Williams Eatery 
b). Ima Cuisine 
c). Chuffed
d). They all did 

5. Which restaurant was ranked inside the top 20 fine dining restaurants world-wide?

a). Mr. Morris
b). The Sugar Club
c). The Grove
d). FISH Restaurant 

History and geography 

6. What does the city centre's newly transformed space, Te Wānanga, translate to? 

a). The Waterfront
b). To welcome
c). To meet, share and learn 
d). To transform 

7. Where will you find the new Reuben Patterson crystal waka artwork in the city centre? 

a). On the waterfront, in the new Te Wananga public space
b). In Aotea Square 
c). Outside Auckland Art Gallery
d). In Khartoum Place 

Bars & Nightlife 

8. Which mezcal bar might you find tucked away on Snickel Lane?

a). Ghost Donkey
b). Mezze Bar
c). La Fuente
d). Ceviche Bar by Besos Latinos

General knowledge

9. How old is the Sky Tower?

a). 30 years
b). 25 years
c). 22 years
d). 24 years 


10. When is the New Zealand International Film Festival set to take place in 2021? 

a). October
b). November
c). September
d). December 


1. Smith & Caugheys. 
First opened in 1880 making it 141 years old in 2021, Smith & Caughey's stocks three levels of the world’s best brands.

2. 1934 
Established in 1934, Marbecks Records is New Zealand's leading music specialists, stocking a huge range of records, CDs and DVDs, making it the perfect place to head to for a special gift for a loved one, or if you're a musical fanatic yourself. 

3. Alma La Vita
Britomart's newest store, Ama La Vita aims to bring home and body together with a mix of interior design and lifestyle products. On Tyler Street, it's nearby to other recent openings including Wonder Journal and Maggie Marilyn, both in The Pavilions, and Playpark by Karen Walker on Galway St, in the new Hotel Britomart building. 

4. They all did.
Eight amazing cafes from the city centre made this year's list - check them out here and add them to your must-visit, or must-return-to list when we move down alert levels. 

5. The Grove. 
The Grove, a fine dining establishment in St Patrick's Square ranked 15th in the top 25 fine dining restaurants world-wide as well as receiving the 1st place ranking in the top 10 establishments across New Zealand! Sails ⁠Restaurant at Westhaven Marina also made the coveted list sitting at 25th world-wide and second across the country. 

6. To meet, share and learn 
The name Te Wānanga was provided by mana whenua as part of the design partnership between Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and mana whenua. It conveys aspirations for a place for residents and visitors of all ages to come together, enjoy, share and learn. See more about Te Wānanga here

7. Outside Auckland Art Gallery.
Made from hundreds of shimmering crystals, Reuben Paterson’s (Ngāti Rangitihi, Ngāi Tūhoe, Tūhourangi) Guide Kaiārahi is a ten-metre-high waka rising vertically from the Gallery’s forecourt pool. Commissioned by Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki and Edmiston Trust, the sculpture, made of 595 iridescent crystals, navigates a spectacular journey from Papatūānuku into the embrace of Ranginui to cast a galaxy of stars over the pool. Read more about it here

8. La Fuente
An intimate and cosy hideaway in Snickel Lane, La Fuente is the first bar in the country to devote itself to mezcal, with around 30 handcrafted variations of the spirit sourced from Oaxaca, Mexico with great examples of entry level, artisan and ancestral categories on offer. It also serves a great list of wines and is among a great range of bars doing contactless delivery during level four - see more here

9. 24 years. 
Completed in 1997, the Sky Tower is the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand standing at 328 metres and offers breathtaking views for up to 80 kilometres in every direction. Travel up in the glass-fronted lifts to one of the three spectacular viewing platforms, dine at The Sugar Club or Orbit restaurants or for more thrills and excitement, SkyWalk round the pergola at 192 metres up or SkyJump off the Tower!

10. October
The New Zealand International Film Festival kicks off on 28 October with an exciting programme. The first six films of the festival have just been announced, find out what they are now here.

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