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There are many trail blazers to thank for a building still standing tall in the Old Town of Auckland, but it seems only fitting to dedicate our drinkery to two very important humans, John and May.

After more than a century of sailors, safe blowers, gold diggers and hacks with a veil of decadence and grandeur, where fables fell on ever curious ears and fellowship flowed around a shared love for fine liquor. Together, John and May built and established a true institution, serving publicans until their last breath and no doubt absorbing many myths of old. Today we can only scratch the surface of these folk tales by searching deep into history books to keep them alive.

In their honour, let us take you to a time when ‘The Cocktail’ was popping, from the Art Deco Speakeasy’s of the 20’s to mid-century Modern Chic and back. Step up and into a nightery full of fervour for hand crafted and innovative drink design, where mouth amusers await at the hands of a carefully curated liquor cabinet, while the narrative of old and contemporary cocktails is rewritten, in a new story for the ages.

With much love and respect to John & May Robertson, here’s tae you. We hope you enjoy making history with us.

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Last updated: 29 October 2021

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