Young & $lept On and Niu FM are proud to present: Y$O Vol.4

The most exciting R&B/Hip Hop collective you haven’t heard of (yet) returns for another eclectic explosion of sound and chaos at the biggest venue yet; The Tuning Fork. Combining the creative juices of NZ’s most exciting upcoming and established independent talent, this is a must-see event featuring the following….

Sam V
No stranger to the Y$O stage, the 22 year old 1010 reppin’ gold chain swangin’ R&B singer never fails to light up the stage with his huge energy and charisma. Renowned for his vocal talent, flair and ability to capture your attention, Sam V is one of the most exciting upcoming NZ talents, as evident by consistent appearances on the NZ Hot Singles Charts and the inevitability that you’ll hear him before you see him. Catch hits such as “Ain’t Slowin’ Down”, “Dreamstate” and unreleased gems before it’s too late.

20 year old R&B songstress JARNA is in the middle of a breakout year. Under the tutelage of award-winning producer, EDY, JARNA has frequented the NZ Hot Singles Charts with breakout singles including “Chill”, “Crush” and  “Do Me Dirti” ft Keys Open Doors. Highly touted for her mesmerising vocals and ability to connect with a wide audience, JARNA will be fresh off the release of her debut project: “Memoirs for the brokenhearted”. Catch this young prodigy before it’s too late.

23 year old EDY is NZ’s most exciting upcoming producer - with credits ranging from Will Singe, JessB, Lara Andallo, Elijah Yo and Raze to Y$O talents - JARNA, Sam V, Chris Bates, bKIDD, Aidan Fine etc….. His workrate is indubitable and so is his talent. A co-leader of Y$O and classically trained pianist, guitarist, bassist and vocalist - EDY blends his proficiency in all to make him NZ’s established young buck producer.

Disciple Pati
is the embodiment of universal creativity. Currently a finalist for the Pacific Music Awards (Best Pacific Music Video- The Boy Who Cried Woman), Pati has an immersive grasp of visual creativity and style that fully distinguishes herself in the music industry. Disciple Pati is also highly regarded for her powerful vocal chops, introspective lyricism and soulful delivery which becomes apparent on tracks such as “The Boy Who Cried Woman” and “Screw Face” - A collaboration with Leaping Tiger & Church and AP. Catch the fresh delivery of Disciple Pati before you can no longer.

The best rapper you’ve never heard of is no stranger to setting a stage alight. Endearing, confronting and charming, this lyrical maestro has enjoyed a strong 2020, hitting the charts with his hit “Can’t Take This” ft. JARNA and creating distinctive visual works such as “SICKS” and upcoming single called “Cruisin”. With an upcoming collaborative EP with Sam V and his own project titled DDTN - bKIDD is set for a whirlwind finish to 2020, catch this hidden gem before it’s too late.

Aidan Fine
19 year old Aidan Fine has puzzled the NZ music scene with his universal skill-set and intricate musicality. An accomplished songwriter, producer and creative - his recent tracks “Deadroses” (which peaked at #14 on the NZ Hot Singles Charts) and “Day by day” are turning heads, eyes & ears. Highly regarded for his niche wordplay, distinctive lyricism and piercing melodies - Aidan’s ascension to the top of the music world is inevitable. Catch him performing on a Y$O stage for the first time ever on August 22…. Before it’s too late.

Prestige Dance Crew
One of New Zealand’s most iconic and distinctive dance crews, Prestige have graced the stages of the world for over 10 years and have danced alongside the likes of DMX, Missy Elliott and Chris Brown. With an unprecedented collaborative approach - Prestige prides themself on their ability to connect with the community and empower others to use their talents to uplift and inspire. To catch their collaborations with the likes of JARNA and other Y$O talent - make sure to catch them at Y$O vol.4 before it’s too late.

Hosted by CreationKIT, The Westernguide and The Fellas

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Last updated: 26 July 2020