$49.95 - $179.95
30 September - 5 October 2019

SO/ Auckland sets the gourmet scene on fire with the most anticipated 6-day long culinary event gathering 6 Michelin-starred chefs to cook up a storm in their Harbour Society restaurant. 

SO/ Amazing Chefs brings together a new league of amazing chefs and culinary maestros from 30th September to 5th October 2019.

During every day of this event there is a 2-3 course lunch, masterclass and 3 course lunch, or a four course dinner with optional wine pairing to chose from!

Each of the chefs are Michelin-starred and with a connection to France, the traditional home of culinary arts. Across the six days the award winning chefs will take diners on a gastronomic journey combining local produce with amazing flavours from across the globe. The week culminates with a 12-hand dinner featuring all the chefs and SO/ Auckland’s very own Michelin-starred chef Marc de Passorio. 

Michelin chefs are:
Michel Portos (2-Michelin starred | Marseille, France),
Yusuke Goto (1-Michelin starred | Tokyo, Japan),
Geoffrey Poesson (1-Michelin starred | St Maxime, France),
Julian Diaz (1-Michelin starred | Marseille, France),
Jean Francois Berard (1-Michelin starred | La – Cadieve D’Azur, France),
and Marc De Passorio (1-Michelin starred Auckland, NZ).

SO/ Amazing Chefs invites everyone from home-grown foodies to gastronomic connoisseurs to indulge in this culinary adventure. 

Bookings are essential Click here for booking details 

Park for $2 per hour at the Downtown car park to a maximum of $15 on evenings and weekends. Find out more

Last updated: 28 August 2019