This event has been cancelled.

Grab your headset, a drink and hit the dance floor 186 metres above Auckland. You'll have a choice of 2 channels with 2 LIVE DJs battling it out!! Auckland's own SAMMIE will be bringing her unique house flavour on channel one and on channel two and ASHER BASTION will bring the funk with all sorts of dance floor classics.

Silent Discos are hugely popular with all ages - drown out the sound of your own voice and sing your heart out, easily chat to friends when you want a break and laugh at everyone’s terrible singing. Headsets enable the listener to choose what they want to listen to and will glow a different colour depending on what channel you are listening to.

Silent Disco tickets include:

  • Admission to Level 51, the 186 metre-high viewing platform situated in NZ's iconic Sky Tower.
  • Performance by 2 DJs (SAMMIE & ASHER BASTION)
  • Silent Disco headset with 2 channels to choose from
  • Drinks and food available for purchase.

$2 per hour to a max of $12 on weekends and a $12 flat rate for weekday evenings at The Civic car park. Find out more

Last updated: 02 August 2020