People often ask me “why can’t we use DNA information to help with this disease?"

We all learn about DNA, the genes it contains and their role in inheritance. DNA sequences can be used to identify lost relatives or convict someone of a crime. But it is a much greater resource than that. Your DNA contains information that sets your disease risk. This information is 'easy' to find. However, mechanisms and treatments are not always obvious. In this talk, Justin will discuss insights that are raising the bar and making DNA easier to use. Our goal is extended lives and wellbeing.

Justin M. O’Sullivan is a Professor and Deputy Director of the Liggins Institute. Justin was awarded the 2010 Life Technologies Life Science Award for Emerging Excellence in Molecular Biology in New Zealand. He has published more than 110 peer-reviewed articles and holds honorary appointments at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and the University of Southampton. Justin’s research is focused on understanding how disease-associated mutations in non-coding DNA affect gene regulatory networks and the pathways that underlie disease development. He is also investigating the role and functions of the human gut microbiome. His goal is to integrate these two fields of study.

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Last updated: 23 July 2022