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Neil Oliver: Live on Stage

Neil Oliver, the acclaimed archaeologist, historian, author and presenter of the worldwide hit TV series Coast, will perform at Auckland Town Hall this January.

Audiences will enjoy an intimate evening as Oliver brings British and New Zealand history to life, delving into the stories, facts and revelations of the geography, history, people and marine life from his travels around our nation’s 16,000-kilometre coastline.

Oliver is one of the world’s most compelling TV presenters, popularising history programming with stories of heroic figures and everyday lives from the past. A respected broadcaster, Neil is the presenter of Coast, the UK series which explores the natural and social history of the British coastline, and Coast New Zealand which is now filming its third series for TVNZ One which will air in 2018.

Trained as an archaeologist and journalist, Oliver made his television debut in the BBC’sTwo Men in a Trench which featured Neil and close friend Tony Pollard visiting historic battlefields and recreating the battle situations using state of the art archaeological techniques. His shows A History of Scotland, followed by A History of Ancient BritainA History of Celtic Britain and Vikings have seen him delving into Britain’s historic past to tell the amazing stories of the technical, cultural and political revolutions which shaped Britain. In Coast New Zealand Oliver travelled the length and breadth of New Zealand showing audiences around the world the picturesque beauty and fascinating history of Aotearoa.

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Last updated: 11 June 2019