$18 - $25 (booking fees apply)
Geish/Tuiga - Fine Fatale - Auckland Pride 2018

The road to royalty has been paved, but not everyone has a seat at the banquet. We’ve prepared the course – and now it’s time to serve.

The Fa’afafine of the Queendom bring you a unique experience of the collision between ancient and urban Polynesian worlds.

Directed by Mario Faumui and choreographed by Amanaki Prescott-Faletau, Fine Fatale returns to the stage with their vogue-fierce flavour of Pacific dance-theatre.

Featuring an eclectic league of Aotearoa’s finest performers, their elusive style combines Pacific motifs and hip hop street finesse, marking Fine Fatale as key holders to the Queendom.

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Last updated: 11 June 2019