$25 - $35 (booking fees may apply)
18 - 22 September 2018
Cradle Song at Q Theatre

Set in the South West of Ireland 1999, at a nunnery near the fictitious village of Sibeal (County Kerry), two young women are on their big OE when they come face-to-face with the supernatural force of Briar Faith.

Te Rēhia Theatre Company brings you Albert Belz’s new award-winning thriller Cradle Song in collaboration with Q Theatre

This gripping new show follows the success of Belz’s Yours Truly, a now iconic New Zealand thriller stage-play.  Cradle Song is this writers reaction to the tragic discovery of a mass children’s grave which was part of a Home for Unmarried Mothers in the township of Tuam, Ireland.

Starring Donogh Rees and directed by Tainui Tukiwaho, thrills and chills are coming to Loft this September.

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