MAY 6-22, 2022

Take a moment to be mesmerised by the slowly rotating text and colour perched high in St Kevin's Arcade this winter.

This installation is part of over 50 installations for City of Colour during May, and is created by City of Colour programme co-curator Angus Muir of Angus Muir Design. 

About the artist:

Angus Muir creates moments. Specialising in atmospheric architecture, Muir’s work is dedicated to conceiving and executing contemporary, immersive experiences. Springing from an architectural basis, Angus’ design approach is conceptual, ambitious and site-specific, acknowledging historical influences of the area while infusing fresh, contemporary energy into a space. With a strong background not only in the theoretical world of design but also practical fabrication and application, his designs are fastidiously conceived and crafted from end to end.

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Last updated: 22 April 2022