Cacao Ceremony

"There is something unique and special when we sit in circle with others, the feeling of been held by one\another helps us to transcend boundaries that have been imposed during life, sometimes we might feel socially awkward, shy, triggered or scared to participate in social interactions, emotions that stop us to experience life fully. Participating in Circle Ceremonies liberate us from these habits so we can remember who we really are and raise to a higher state of being.

A Cacao Ceremony is an opportunity to explore one of the most sacred Super Foods of the world, known and used for centuries by many communities in central and south America for it´s power to open and heal the heart, plus a ton of other health benefits.

The context of a ceremony is the creation of a safe and intentional space for exploration, healing, liberation 
and empowerment of the self, this is what we call sacred space, invoking subtle energies to work with us, such as guidance from the four directions, elements, plant teachers and any spiritual teachers that the attendee might want to work with.

Through guided meditation, the power of intention and the ceremony itself, we can enter into a personal and collective space in which we can transcend many of our limited thoughts and beliefs so we can remember our essence and its true purpose.

You always feel better after Ceremony"

Park for $2 per hour at the Downtown car park to a maximum of $15 on evenings and weekends. Find out more

Last updated: 05 August 2019