Come and fall in love with The Butlers, with new music and a brand-new show, we are ready to give you a good time and make you dance.

The Butlers are a well-recognised and established five piece-act coming out of the deep-south surf suburb of Sumner in Christchurch, and although their music sits in the surf-rock genre more than most, their music goes much deeper than that.  

With a mix of ‘milky’ guitars, layers of smooth saxophone, and multiple vocalists each singing songs as lead singers or sprinkling harmonies throughout songs, their unique and infectious sound is hard to pin down. From baritone ballads to smoky solo serenades, there's enough variety in their discography to always keep the listener wanting more. 

In the last 18 months alone they’ve consistently sold out nationwide tours, their self-titled debut album skyrocketed into the top-20 of the New Zealand Album Charts soon after it’s release, and they’ve played slots on every major festival across the country, as well as supporting some of the biggest acts in the game. 

Staying independent has enabled the band to create their own sound, rather than being pressured to create music to suit the current climate. With this, they’ve carved out their own funky niche in the genre spectrum, and created a unique, creamy noise that is undoubtedly The Butlers.

There's A Tuesday
Hi there! Our names are Nat and Minnie and we're an indie duo from Christchurch, New Zealand. We were originally named "There's A Tuesday Between A Monday And Between A Wednesday" but we realised that it was obnoxiously long and for that we are so very sorry. We now go by "There's A Tuesday" :)

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Last updated: 26 July 2020