21 November - 9 December 2017
Briefs: Close Encounters

The world’s hottest all-male boylesque stars BRIEFS are headed back to Auckland’s Q Theatre this November, with a brand new show that promises galactic glamour, astro-athleticism and interstellar aerials.

Formed in 2008, BRIEFS transitioned from a late-night club act to an acclaimed performance ensemble and has been glitter bombing the globe since, with sell-out shows in London, Berlin, Paris, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

Last year saw Q audiences delighted by BRIEFS’ unique brand of circus, drag, burlesque and comedy – who could forget Captain Kidd’s breath-takingly beautiful birdbath trapeze act, or the ‘unique’ yo-yo tricks performed by crowd favourite Louis?

In the company’s new show, Close Encounters, the BRIEFS boys are ready to explore the third dimension, promising dizzying thrills that are out of this world with a rocket-fueled blend of comedy, dance, tumbling, juggling, acro-balancing, trapeze, lip-syncing and warped speed strippers from outer space.

Still at the helm of Starship Briefs is Commander Shivannah (Artistic Director Fez Faanana), leading the cosmic crew through the show with astronomical audacity, outlandish costumes and Amazonian charm.

Shivannah returns with 2011 Las Vegas King of Burlesque, Captain Kidd, as well as one of Australia’s leading aerialists and contortionists (and bearded babe), Thomas Worrell, defying gravity and literally tying himself in knots above the crowd, and loveable rogue Louis Biggs (of the aforementioned yo-yo tricks). 

A trio of new cast members include lumberjack contemporary dancer Thomas Gundry Greenfield, anarchic provocateur Harry Clayton-Wright, and acrobat time lord rabbit Dale Woodbridge.

So grab your gals, your pals, your workmates, get your party shoes on and shimmy your way to Q for a fabulously entertaining night of hilarity and athleticism infused with glitz, magic and the odd hula hoop.

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