Nests changing lanes

The day before the country came into lockdown, artist Wanda Gillespie found a nest that had fallen out of a tree in Albert Park. She states, ‘’this beautifully crafted construction seemed like an omen at a very uncertain time. The nest kept re surfacing in my thoughts as a symbol not only of the nests that we create for ourselves, but of our nation and country, a safe haven, while the rest of the world is not so fortunate.

Before the arrival of first people to Aotearoa, this was a land of birds. The forests were bustling with the calls and songs of over 120 species of birds, with over 70 of these found only in Aotearoa. These native birds evolved in isolation over millions of years.’’

With these thoughts in mind, Wanda will be hanging a series of oversized bird’s nest overhead along Durham Street East. Illuminated eggs light up the nests at night, while the sound of native bird song fill the laneway, reminding us of the history of this unique land. 

Part of Artweek in the City Centre.

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Last updated: 03 September 2020