On Display Until Early January

The artwork for Little High Street’s Changing Lanes is by Paul Woodruffe, Teare Turetahi, and Ashlee Tawhiti, and is entitled “The 3 Kete of Knowledge”. It refers to the story of Tane who traveled to the heavens and retrieved 3 Kete filled with knowledge.

The knowledge of evil or makutu, which was harmful to mankind, the knowledge of ritual, memory, and prayer; and the knowledge that could help mankind.

The artists have used this story to illustrate the use of materials technology that has proven to be not sustainable and harmful to our environment, our present wishes to transition to sustainable practices, and the search for a sustainable future through embracing traditional knowledge of materials technology.

Paul Woodruffe, Teare Turetahi and Ashlee Tawhiti hope that this artwork will influence people’s decisions on packaging and assist in a return to sustainable practices in the marketplace. 

The 3 Kete of Knowledge:

Te kete tuatea (pink)
kete-tuatea which contained knowledge of evil or makutu, which was harmful to mankind.

Te kete tuauri (brown)
kete-tuauri which held the knowledge of ritual, memory and prayer.

Te kete aronui (green)
kete-aronui which held all the knowledge that could help mankind.

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Last updated: 24 August 2021