Best enjoyed on a sunny day with your favourite upbeat music on your headphones; Light Blooms is an installation by artist Jenna Winterton that encourages feelings of positivity and playfulness.

Stop and breathe while you take in the otherworldly flowers and light. Look around you and take a moment to notice your surroundings - see how the flowers interact with the buildings, with the sky, with the ground. This moment is unique, this moment is yours.

Utilising industrial materials and the power of nature, Jenna has created ethereally floral shapes that harness natural light and wind to make art that truly dances. The bold yet translucent colours play with the space, shifting the atmosphere every moment. In the midst of a busy city, Light Blooms offers the viewer a playful way to pause, take in their surroundings and breathe.

Part of Art in the City.

Light Blooms
Light Blooms
Light Blooms

About the artist

Jenna is an Auckland-based artist, designer, signwriter, and general creative. Jenna’s work is about joy and play, using sometimes methods and materials that are not often considered art. Using a variety of methods and materials, she has created a wide range of pieces from hand-drawn illustrations to large sculptural 3D flowers. Jenna has also trained in both traditional printmaking and large format digital printing. Most of her pieces are created using everyday and affordable materials such as printer paper and plastic sheeting turning ordinary objects into something beautiful or unusual.


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Last updated: 02 September 2022