World premiere. All for us.

Last Festival Groupe F's The Breath of the Volcano ignited our collective senses and brought us together for one of the most spectacular and dazzling outdoor communal celebrations ever seen in our city. Groupe F's trademark generosity, extravagance and wild theatricality blew us all away.

These much-loved French maestros of light, fire and pyrotechnics are returning to the Auckland Domain for three nights only with a brand-new show that zooms in on us and our environment. The large-scale projections, music and performance in Groupe F's new show Skin of Fire are guaranteed to do something very special to us.

In 2013, The Breath of the Volcano was a sell-out. Don't miss out - book your tickets early.

Here's a sample of the magic that Groupe F brought to the 2013 Auckland Art's Festival

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Last updated: 17 June 2019