Archived: Where to shop: Fabric

Katherine Lowe takes us inside this High Street boutique
23 May, 2016

Fabric is a unisex, multi-brand store situated on High Street. A bit of background for those unaware: it's predominately a high end clothing and accessories store, with several local and international brands stocked on rotation - from the likes of the super-coveted Mansur GavrielComme des Garcons and Isabel Marant Etoile, to Margaret Howell, Maison KitsunéIro, and Re/Done for example. They also offer a selection of fragrances, books and magazines.  

Fabric has been in its inner city spot since 2001, and ever since its inception, I have been a fan. In high school I would make my mum take me there in the hopes that she would be feeling generous and buy me something. I remember being absolutely set on having a special pair of '7 for all Mankind' jeans from the store. They were something like, $400 at the time and for me, a 17 year old high school girl at that time, $400 for a pair of jeans was out of this world, but my determination to have them outweighed the fact that I earned $10.50/hour at the café I worked at on weekends and I promptly put them on lay-buy. I mean, they were MEANT TO BE (a mantra I have often told myself when trying to justify purchases I potentially cannot afford). It took me two months to pay them off and I really treasured that pair of jeans for a really long time. I think it's the experience of that purchase that really solidified my love for nice clothes.

Fast forward several years (and several purchases). I popped into the store this weekend to take some photos for this feature. I like popping in, even if I'm not looking to buy anything, it's nice to see what new things have dropped in and the place has a really calm, quiet feel about it. It's easy to browse. I thought I would look for a John Patrick Organics slip to feature on this post - I have one already but I wear it so much I wanted to share it. They didn't have any in but I spied a pair of Reeboks I'd seen on the Fabric Instagram feed (@thisisfabric). Funnily enough, they had one pair in my size. Funnily enough, they were in my budget. Funnily enough, I found myself trying them on... Did I mention I believe in 'meant to be'?

Fabric is located at 5 High Street in Auckland's CBD. They are open weekdays and Saturday from 10am - 5pm, Sunday 11am - 4pm.