The recent transition back into the red setting of the Covid Protection Framework has introduced some changes to our mask-wearing protocol, so that we can better protect ourselves and others. Masks must now be worn at food and drink businesses and close-proximity businesses, events and gatherings (with the exception of when you are eating and drinking).

Medical grade masks, respirator masks (N95, KN95, P2) or triple layered masks will more effectively protect against finer particles and help pump the brakes on transmission.  Many of these are available to purchase in the city centre. 


Respirator face masks

Chemist Warehouse respirator mask

Chemist Warehouse | P2, 3M Respirator Disposable Mask $5.99

Chemist Warehouse sells this 3M Respirator Mask designed to seal tightly, allowing air to go through the filter, not around the outside edge of the respirator. Shop online, here

Respirator Mask PB Tech

PB Tech | P2 Respirator Aura, Flat Fold, Standard White $97.75

This respirator mask sets a new benchmarks in wearer comfort. The advanced three panel design and ultra soft inner cover web allows the 3M 9300A+ series respirator to comfortable mould onto your face and accommodate facial movements without compromising the fit. Shop online, here


Triple Layered Masks 

Moochi mask

Moochi | Cotton softie mask $39.99 

The cotton softie mask is an accessory for the now, made with care to keep you safe in style. Triple layered design for protection with a soft cotton poplin outer, inner and cotton voile lining providing you with both comfort and functionality. Shop online here

Working Style face mask

Working Style | ADJ Face Mask $49

These premium grade face masks are made in store by Working Style's talented tailors with three layers of natural fibre fabric to provide protection. These masks are comfortable and soft on the skin, completely washable and reusable for multiple use. Shop online here

Flo & Frankie face masks

AVIRO or Flo and Frankie | Antiviral face mask $35.90 - $90

The AVIRO masks are designed to be comfortable and breathable all day. They have inner and outer layers that are engineered with antiviral and antibacterial fabric protection and are anatomically fitted to your face for a superior fit (available to purchase individually or in two or five packs).

Stirling Sports face mask

Stirling Sports | Supa Hero reusable mask $40

This genderless Supalabs+ Hero Reusable Face Mask provides protection against harmful airborne irritants and pollutants that can lead to health issues. It has been developed with 5 layers of protection for optimum filtration and is crafted from a premium fabric made to last. 


Reusable face masks

If you're not ready to let go of wearing stylish masks, that's no problem. Here are some of the most stylish masks in the city centre that you can purchase and layer over your respirator or medical grade mask. 

Adrienne Winkelmann

Adrienne Winkelmann | Special Edition Face Mask: Midnight Crystal, $49

This Special Edition Face mask features Swarovski crystals on a high shine finish fabric. This is a double layered cotton reusable face mask. Available in 20 prints and in sizes small, medium & large. Shop online, here.



RUBY | Repurposed materials mask $25 

The RUBY face mask is a non-medical, reusable face mask with adjustable ties. It's made from fabric offcuts from RUBY and Liam collections - they are all for zero waste and circularity. Shop online, here.

Kate Sylvester mask

Kate Sylvester | Patterned face masks, $39 

Kate Sylvester face masks are made from offcuts of favourite Kate Sylvester & Sylvester prints. Shop online, here.


RJB Design | Pure wool mask, $45 

Handcrafted and made in New Zealand, this face mask is made with pure wool and a soft cotton inner. Made from a luxury super 160 - this is an incredibly soft and luxurious fabric. Shop online, here.

Cue Queen Street face mask

Cue | Floral cotton face mask $35 

A comfortable, washable, reusable mask designed to loop over the ears. This is a part of the Cue Cares range, which is dedicate to certified sustainable fabrics. Shop online here


Superette | Pack of 3 face masks, $30

Keep safe while looking chic with Superette's new Queen of the Foxes Face Mask Multi Pack. Designed for ultimate comfort, this pack of 3 reusable masks are the perfect match for any outfit. Click here to purchase.


Shut the front door-pack 3

Shut the Front Door | Pack of 3 face masks, $29.99

Super soft washable masks that are a barrier to droplets, dust and pollen, the most fashionable way to keep you and others safe! Shop online, here.


Great for exercising

Lululemon Athletica face masks

Lululemon | Double Strap Face Mask, $19

These non-medical face masks have adjustable straps that go around the back of your head/neck or ears while smooth fabric contours your face which made it the perfect face mask to use while on the move (also available in a pack of three $45) Shop online here.


A note from on mask use: 

At the Red Traffic Light setting, you are encouraged to wear a face mask whenever you leave the house.

A face covering will need to be an actual mask and attached to the head by loops around the ears or head. This means scarves, bandannas, or t-shirts should not be used. Workers who are mandated to be vaccinated will need to wear a medical grade mask when working in public facing roles. For example a Type IIR/Level 2 mask or above. You will need to wear a mask at food and drink businesses, close-proximity businesses, and events and gatherings. You can take your mask off to eat, drink or exercise (as of 11.59 Thursday 3 Feb). You can read more here

Last updated: 02 February 2022