The Auckland Arts Festival 2020 is back and offering a wide variety of different shows. Don't miss out on our selection below of the best theatre shows at this year's Auckland Arts Festival.

Cold Blood

Featuring elaborate scale film sets, tiny props, cinema projection, and a cast of performing hands, Cold Blood is like nothing you’ve ever seen before – a mind-blowing theatre event that unfolds in miniature, and on the tips of performers’ fingers.

Dimanche cancelled

This event has been cancelled. A family battles extreme weather and intrepid filmmakers brave the Arctic wilds in this ingenious, visually inspired portrait of humanity at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Barry McGovern in Watt by Samuel Beckett - Auckland Arts Festival 2020 Cancelled

This event has been cancelled as a result of the Government’s new border control measures. For details click here.

Legendary Irish actor Samuel Beckett performs his stage adaptation of Barry McGovern's novel Watt for the first time in NZ.

Black Lover cancelled

This event has been cancelled. Confined to his home, with the civil war raging close by and separated from his wife and children who have fled abroad, Todd and his family’s servant, Steady, confront the uncertainties of their precarious lives.

Last updated: 23 March 2020