Coming in for City of Colour? There's so much more to see, eat, drink and do while you're here! Have fun exploring with the OODLZ app and earn up to $80 worth of dining vouchers at the same time.

How it works - step by step

1. From May 6-22 during City of Colour, download the OODLZ app for free from either Apple's App Store or Google Play for Android.

2. Search ''City of Colour'' or tap on the Heart of the City | City of Colour location filter to discover 8 brand new City of Colour precinct experiences. 

3. Make your way around each precinct as you explore City of Colour installations and complete the various tasks within each experience card to collect points. From quizzes to photo sharing or location check in more,  each task is worth 10, 20, 30 or 40 points.

4. When you reach 100 points you'll automatically earn a $10 Hospitality Association DineFind voucher to use at a venue of your choice in the city centre. That's a total of $80 worth of DineFind vouchers that could be yours! 

City of Colour is a partnership between Heart of the City and Auckland Council, and a large number of other city centre partners. Heart of the City has partnered with OODLZ to create a fun way for audiences to make their way around the 50+ art and light installations on display, while being inspired and discovering other fantastic things to see, do, eat and drink while here - from Cheap & Cheerful Eats deals to epic parking offers, new openings and more.  

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