This tour is based on the work 'Delusions of Canute' stitched by Margaret Lewis (one of Auckland's contemporary textile artists). It restores the original shoreline of Tamaki Makaurau to contemporary Auckland, as though Tangaroa was reclaiming his domain.

Tamaki Makaurau's original shoreline has changed dramatically by reclamation in the 19th and 20th centuries and that reshaping of our foreshore continues. The marinas, parks, and commercial wharves which now stretch from Westhaven through to Judges Bay are very different from the foreshore lived on and worked by Mana Whenua and sighted by the first European settlers to Auckland.

This tour takes a slice of the map and retraces Auckland's original inner-city shoreline and stops by Waitemata Local Board's heritage panels along the route that highlights some of the history of the places we will walk through from our pre-colonial heritage to more recent times.

In this tour we'll be walking from Victoria Park to Britomart. We have pocket maps for walkers so that you can continue the walk yourself.

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Last updated: 24 July 2020