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9 AUG, 2024, 3-5PM
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Step into a world where art, mythology, and taste collide! Join Danish botanical artist Mamakan Oustrup Laureijs for a captivating journey into Nordic culture and cuisine, infused with the essence of New Zealand's native flora.

Experience a hands-on workshop amidst an enchanting art installation, where every sip tells a story. Mamakan, drawing from her Scandinavian heritage and the bounty of her forest farm, Velskov, invites you to explore the sensory delights of mead - the mythical ‘nectar of the gods’. Discover the secrets of Nordic-style food and drink, intertwined with the magic of local ingredients.

Immerse yourself in the season, the land, and the artistry of mead-making. Create your own blend to take home, crafted from the very essence of this ancient elixir. Don't miss this unique opportunity to taste, learn, and connect with nature in a way that transcends time and place. Secure tickets here.

Part of Restaurant Month 2024.

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Important: strictly R18. Host responsibility limits apply.

Details are correct at the time of publishing – subject to change and availability. Event tickets are strictly limited and may sell out, see for up to date information. R18 for the service of alcohol, host responsibility limits apply, access to some events may be age restricted.

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Last updated: 21 June 2024