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Farewell santa

Farewell Santa

With 6 decades of service under his belt, giant Santa will hang up his red coat and retire after one last hurrah this Christmas

Say goodbye by sharing a fitting tribute at the end of this page or use the hashtag #FarewellSanta on social media.

Read more about Santa's retirement.

Your memories via email &

Thanks for all the christmas memories, sad to see you go, but glad I could show you yo my daughter before your packed away #farewellsanta #memoriesliveon

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1 Dec, Sarah K

Hauled Santa into the city for the final time this year. And will be hauling him out for his last ride in the New Year. #combinedhaulage

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13 Nov, Wade

The only people that think it is creepy are those in the media.

Santa and the Santa parade are very important to our Auckland history and culture.

It must stay.

Let's face it why else would you go to Queen Street.

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13 Nov, John Matthews

No photos of it thank god, just emailing to say I’m glad to see that creepy statue of capitalism’s personification leave Queen Street forever. Maybe people will sleep in peace knowing that their visits to the central city will no longer be shadowed by the haunting stare of a fictional relic used to keep children in line, instead of using actual parenting techniques.

Peace out, Santa bro.

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13 Nov, Thomas

Hi, this was taken on my trip to NZ in December 2009. I came from Columbus, Ohio USA.

Glad I got to see him! Enjoy!

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13 Nov, Carol Musick

Every year I do a trip downtown to show my kids the Christmas decorations and every year we look at Santa. Lucky we have some great photos

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9 Nov, Michelle

After having 19 Christmases with Santa, it’s sad to see him go. 60 years have gone by and made my family’s year every year.

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9 Nov, Charli

Love santa

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9 Nov, Janine

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