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Take a highly-acclaimed chef, along with his team and stewards of great calibre from MASU Restaurant and throw them into the world of imagination that is Wētā Workshop Unleashed, what do you get?

A world where flavours, fantasy, and reality collide for an occasion that heightens all the senses.

Part film set and part creative workshop, step into the fantastical world of Wētā Workshop. Your evening begins outside the vault doors of Wētā Unleashed as the guides will lead you through – pay attention along the way, as you might just bump into a familiar character. The exploration will include appetisers designed by chef and restaurateur Nic Watt (MASU) along the way. Hold onto them firmly as you meander through, there might be something lurking in the shadows…

As you arrive at the final film set, a Wētā inspired four course dinner awaits. Acclaimed chef Nic Watt of MASU has conjured up a four-course menu with expertly matched wines that has daringly pushed the boundaries of creativity and is audacious, sprinkled with that extra touch of Wētā wizardry. With a multitude of accolades and awards for restaurants under his belt, Nic presents this very special dining experience, with exclusive creations specially for this evening.

Wētā Unleashed is Federal Street’s newest resident, a whimsically fictitious factory inspired by the original Wētā Workshop that brings to life the corridors of the creative work that goes behind its successful films, chock-full of film special effects that we have come to admire and are in awe. Come with an open mind, as all it not what it seems…

Note: There are different start times for the tour segment of Wētā Unleashed with limited capacities for each slot. (First tour begins at 5.30pm, group leaves every 10 minutes). Dinner service will begin at approximately 7-7.30pm.

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Last updated: 15 June 2021