Short on time in the city but still want to partake in a fun activity? Take a look at our list of the best activities you can do in the heart of the city that will take you under an hour. 


Get a bite to eat at Food Truck Fridays | Takutai Square 

Head over to Takutai Square and check out the selection of the best food vendors around Auckland in one place. From fried chicken, tacos, dutch fries, fresh salads, and latin delights, you will be able to get your favourite dish in a flash. At midday sweet tunes will be playing by Local DJ Rose Alice as well. 


Go to Sushi Train | 85-89 Customs St

A fun and tasty activity you can do in a short time, the rotating sushi bar system will allow you to try a variety of delicious sushi offerings. Pick something new, like snow crab or blue fin tuna, or your tried and true favourites such as chicken teriyaki or an avocado roll. Experience a classic aspect of Japanese dining culture in just under an hour. 


Order a cardamom hot chocolate at Bohemein Fresh Chocolates | 12 O’Connell St 

Bohemein Fresh Chocolates is a sweet tooth paradise. If you’ve reached your coffee quota of the day, take a look at the hot chocolates on the menu, which are definitely not your usual hot chocolate. Whatever your tastes desire, you can choose from a cardamom hot chocolate, caramelised white hot chocolate, a brandy hot chocolate, or a spicy chilli hot chocolate. Warm yourself up from the inside out and satisfy your sweet cravings. 


Browse the shelves of Auckland Central City Library | 44-46 Lorne St 

A massive library located just on Lorne Street, the Auckland Library is the perfect solace in a bustling city when you have an hour of free time. The multi-level space is filled with pages from all different genres, whether that be non-fiction, magazines, thriller novels, or historical biographies. Escape your day and delve into a new literary world even if it is for a short period of time. 


Pamper your nails at Sassi Nail Bar | 51 High St

A quick manicure is sometimes the best choice when you have a spare hour in your busy day. At Sassi Nail Bar the highly-experienced nail technicians are trained in a special Korean nail technique, and will ensure you leave utterly chuffed with the end result. Choose your dream colour, gel or acrylic, and even a revitalising hand mask or massage. 


Grab a bite at Commercial Bay's Harbour Eats | 21 Queen St 

With quick service and a wide variety of mouth-watering food options, make your way to the Commercial Bay food hall to grab a satisfying bite to eat. Whatever you are in the mood for, the dining options at Commercial Bay will be sure to cover it. It may be a fully loaded hotdog from Good Dog Bad Dog, a flavourful vegan pie from Tart Bakery, or a plate of sizzling spicy dumplings from Foo Du


Enjoy a sweet treat at Giapo | 12 Gore St 

Not just any ordinary ice cream joint, Giapo treats ice cream like an art installation, creating masterful treats which not only taste amazing but look equally impressive. Sample a few of the wonderful new flavours and then once you have decided on an order, eat your ice cream on the waterfront if the weather provides. 

Last updated: 02 November 2020