The festive season is here! The city centre is lighting up this Christmas with a range of light displays to enjoy. Embark on an evening trail walk to enjoy them for yourself. 

Te Komititanga

The Light Forest

As the sun starts to go down, begin your evening light trail at Te Komititanga - the beautiful new public space connecting Queen Street to the waterfront. First, weave your way through the Light Forest, a series of giant illuminating Christmas symbols standing tall in the square with a soft colourful glow. This is a great spot to snap some pictures to use for your annual family Christmas photo.

Christmas Light Show in Te Komititanga 

From here, pivot towards the Chief Post Office (CPO) building that houses the Britomart Transport Centre to view the incredible Christmas Light Show taking place on its façade. This large scale projected light show spans 55 metres wide and 32 metres high and each evening, will take audiences on a delightful festive journey, bringing the spirit of wonder and joy to the heart of the city. The ‘Christmas Light Show in Te Komititanga’ runs every 15 minutes from 8.45pm-11pm daily from Friday December 3 until Christmas Eve. 

Queen Street

Festive Tree Lighting

After some time in Te Komititanga, make your way up Queen Street and enjoy the festive lighting nestled within the trees along it. These lights are by Angus Muir Design and feature the same symbols as the ones seen in the Light Forest at Te Komititanga. 

Queen Street Lights

As you journey up Queen Street, you'll also notice the Queen Street lights shining proudly on the city's main street. These tree up-lights will shine red and green in the lead up to Christmas, to mark the festive season.

Farmers Building

Make sure you are on the Smith & Caughey's side of the road so when you reach Victoria Street, you can take a moment to look up at the Farmers building across from you, which will also be lit up in the famous Christmas colours for the festive season. 

Smith & Caughey's Christmas Windows

Every year the iconic Queen Street department store's windows are filled with animated Christmas decorations including beautiful hand-made puppets, twinkling lights, trimmed trees, and much more, all based on a special Christmas storybook tale. This year the display is an animated re-creation of The Fairies' Night Before Christmas, a modern and Kiwi take on a classic Christmas story, and is a must-see for all ages!

Sky Tower and Auckland Harbour Bridge

You're now coming to the completion of your light trail for Christmas - but that's not before taking a moment or two to marvel at two of Auckland's greatest landmarks - our Sky Tower and the Harbour Bridge! 

This year, They Sky Tower will be putting on a magnificent light show with their friends at the Harbour Bridge, Auckland Council, Vector Lights and More FM Radio to celebrate the end of 2021. Aucklanders can view this from wherever they are, and the rest of the country can follow it live online. We’ll share more details about this exciting lighting soon!



Last updated: 25 December 2021