As part of our Faces of the City series, we chat to some inspiring people in the city centre doing great things in their chosen industries. One of these women is Kate Jarrett, owner of Loxy's Hair Boutique, one of the leading hairdressers central Auckland has to offer. Kate is opening a new Loxy's which will be an exciting new addition to the city centre when Commercial Bay opens this June. We asked her about her career journey so far as well as what she's looking forward to when Loxy's launches in the heart of the city very soon. 

How did you get started in the industry, and what were your goals starting out?

I fell in love with hair extensions after having them transform my natural hair into the fuller, thicker hair of my dreams. I trained in extensions purely as a hobby and with no real goals to turn it into a full time business. This changed as my passion grew for it by the day and within months of opening had a busy clientele. I was hooked on giving women the confidence that came with the hair they'd always wanted but couldn't grow naturally. My goals grew and changed as I realised I could make this a legitimate business, and there was no one else doing things quite the way I did.

How has your vision and goals changed since then and what are you most proud of?
I'm most proud of the extension method that we offer and the reputation we have built. I think pre Loxy's, hair extensions had of a stigma and the first thing that sprung to mind when you said the word was super long, blonde, tacky and damaging. I think we've made an amazing name for ourselves in beautiful, undetectable extensions that enhance our clients natural beauty and I'm extremely proud of this.

You’re expanding your retail offering to include a store at the soon-to-be open Commercial Bay – why did you choose the city centre?

It chose us really! I'd just sold my Wellington business and was enjoying some time just focusing on my family, our Ponsonby salon and our wholesale offering. I'm sure I was repeating the words 'no more salons' to many friends, and then we were approached by Commercial Bay to come in for a chat. We were hand picked amongst all the other incredible hair brands in Auckland which is an honour to say the least. The opportunity was really too great to not jump at, and our clients have been asking for another Auckland location for years, so it just felt right.

Kate Jarrett Loxy's Boutique

What can customers expect from the space?

The most stunning of any salon to date. Floor to ceiling windows, gold, pale pink, stone, and to mix things up.... the introduction of burgundy to our colour palette. Aesthetic aside, the same phenomenal products and service that we deliver to all of our clients in Ponsonby.

What are you most excited about when you open the store at Commercial Bay?

Definitely the space itself, the team and the love that'll be filling it every day. The space even in its raw state is breathtakingly beautiful, flooded with natural light, and good energy. I'm excited for once we're open, and our seats are filled with happy clients who are enjoying precious self care time. The energy that you feel when you walk in the doors it something words can't quite describe. It's a feeling that's so palpable and why I love my job so much. 

"[Commercial Bay] is the most stunning of any salon to date. Floor to ceiling windows, gold, pale pink, stone, and to mix things up.... the introduction of burgundy to our colour palette."

Could you tell us about the sustainable practices Loxy’s has in the place currently?

I'm so proud that Loxy's is a member of Sustainable Salons. This means that every day we recycle up the majority of the waste our salon produces. This even means recycling the hair on the ground to make hair booms to soak up oil spills, and recycling plastic to be turned into roads, just to name a couple. I've also gone to great lengths (excuse the pun!) to ensure the ethical sourcing of our extremely high quality hair extensions. With higher quality hair (and conscious sourcing of it) our hair extensions don't need to be replaced as often and have a significantly longer lifespan. Other hair extensions need to be replaced as often as 3-4 months (ours often last well over a year). The brands we work with also place a focus on sustainability and are chosen to align with our ethos and values.

What are your favourite places in the city centre currently – stores, restaurants, bars and why?

When I go into the city to shop I make a beeline for H&M, High Street and Lower Queen. I love to walk around the waterfront and grab lunch anywhere in Wynyard Quarter, I love the options all along there for food in the sun. I have to admit it's been a while since I've hit any of the bars in the city (I'm a boring Mum to a baby and a 4 year old!) but I know that'll change when Harbour Eats opens in Commercial Bay and I have an excuse to nip out to the world class restaurants and bars that'll become our neighbours.

Last updated: 01 June 2023