Hang up those raincoats and close down your umbrellas. Embrace the change of weather and all the delicious in-season produce by checking out some of the central city’s best spring menus. Each restaurant approaches and utilizes the seasonal offerings in a unique way, so kick off the season right and explore some of Auckland's best eateries as they refresh their favorite dishes and take advantage of locally sourced ingredients.

The Grove

The Grove | Saint Patricks Square, Wyndham St

One of Auckland's most special little restaurants, The Grove offers a unique experience for all. New this spring, The Grove is offering a fantastic Wyld Lamb ballotine and racks dish with onion purée, wild garlic and spinach purée. It’s further garnished with split yellow peas, wild garlic Panisse, smoked buffalo curd, potato nest and lamb sweetbread to create one of the most memorable dishes of the season.


Misters | 12 Wyndham St

Mister is the legendary healthy lunchtime food option in the city centre offering delicious meals which incorporate local, seasonal and organic ingredients into every dish. Offering quality organic wholefoods and traditionally farmed protein is central to Misters philosophy. Here they provide a range of vegan, vegetarian & grain free choices to get you through the day.


Culprit | 1/12 Wyndham St

Sit down to a seasonally inspired dining experience at Culprit which offers a Yum Cha style first course service featuring individual plates of thinly sliced meats, vegetables and fruits. Culprit’s fun and intimate dining is unlike anywhere else in the city. This spring be sure to request their newly added Turbot Fish special. Subject to availability, this dish sees the the fish bathed in a black garlic and topped with peas, radish finally garnished with a fresh pea sauce.

O'Connell St Bistro

O’Connell St Bistro |  3 O'Connell St

This classic Bistro, in the style of a back street European eatery has been providing customers with outstanding dining experiences for over twenty years. Stop by this spring and experience their Gin cured big glory bay salmon. This refreshing dish incorporates cucumber and yoghurt sorbet, caper berries, dill, cream cheese and bagel crisps to create a truly unique spring offering.


Scarecrow | 33 Victoria St E

This humble all-in-one grocer, florist and restaurant knows how shift with the seasons. Their ethically sourced and carefully prepared dishes are some of the best you’ll find anywhere in the city. Run down this spring and sit down to a serving of beautifully delicate smoked potato tortellini set atop a lemon and courgette puree and topped with classic shaved pecorino romano with a sprinkle of Hazelnut dukkah and tomato oil for good measure.


Amano | 66, 68 Tyler Street

One of Auckland's most beloved restaurants has hit the ground running this spring.Try out their iconic Mozzarella, tomato, chilli and basil starter and their selection of seasonal vegetables that will change your expectations of your typical veggie dish. 

Hugo's Bistro

Hugo’s Bistro | 67 Shortland St

Named as one of Auckland’s top 50 restaurants, Hugo’s offers a multi course dinner menu though also caters to a casual lunch. Stop by Hugo’s at noon and discover their decadent entree dish, Massimo’s stracciatella, topped with peas, chervil and vibrant petals for the spring occasion. 


Odettes | 90 Wellesley St W

As City Works Depot’s iconic dining experience, Odettes is committed to providing the best in season offerings possible. This charming restaurant is the perfect place for brunch this spring. Try their Fritto Misto Espelette with a dash of mayonnaise for a fresh and succulent seafood experience. 

Last updated: 30 October 2019